World Culture Unit

In this lesson unit, students will learn about the music and culture of Bali, Indonesia by listening critically to the performance styles of traditional music and recreating the performance practices of the Gamelan, Kecak, and Wayang Kulit musical genres. 

Music Theory Unit: Major Key Tonality

This lesson unit can be used for a middle school band or for any ensemble whose members have rudimentary knowledge of basic music theory. In this section are hand-outs, PowerPoint slides, assessment materials, and lesson plans which guide students through understanding the major scale formula, solmization, concert pitch transposition, and musical analysis. 

Marching Band Materials

In this section, I have provided my marching band advocacy statement, as well as two videos (perspective view and chart view). This drill was created using the Pyware software. The music for this drill is "As The Bridegroom To His Chosen" by John Rutter, arranged by Tim Salzman. 

Curricular Materials

 This section includes materials that can be used within a variety of music education classes, including transcriptions to be played on Orff instruments (or any other instruments available), and a portfolio of sample assessments to be used for various classroom situations.